TCL Corporate Gift

TCL Corporate Gift

LuxBel's collaboration with TCL represents a harmonious blend of creativity and precision, resulting in tailor-made packages that resonate with TCL's distinctive theme and colors. Through our dedication to innovation, we meticulously crafted customized soaps, candles, and fragrance sticks, encapsulated in packaging that serves as tokens of appreciation for TCL agents.

Central to our approach was the preservation of TCL's iconic red color, symbolizing the company's identity and values. The fragrance, based on sandalwood, was chosen to evoke a balance between clarity and technology, mirroring TCL's commitment to excellence and advancement.

The success of this project speaks volumes about LuxBel's commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering creations that surpass conventional standards. Our specialized lab exemplifies our unwavering pursuit of excellence, ensuring that each collaboration becomes an extraordinary experience for both our clients and their recipients.

LuxBel remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and precision, forging partnerships that inspire and delight.

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