Our Story

Soap Making

Soap making has always been one of the simplest and oldest industries, dating back to two thousand years ago, when the ancients used to anoint their bodies with olive oil in addition to the liquids and fibers of some plants to clean themselves. In 2001, we decided to bring new life to soap making in a manner of manifesting feelings in a silent dialogue.

Why LuxBel?

Introducing LuxBel, where the essence of luxury and beauty converges in a name that speaks
both English and French. Once it comes into ears, it says: looking beautiful. We've elevated the art of soap-making to a silent dialogue of emotions, aiming to transform not just your skin, but your confidence and senses.

lux Lab

Welcome to Luxbel's exclusive cosmetic laboratory, where purity meets luxury. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering – every product is crafted without added chemicals, using only organic materials. Harnessing the power of essential oils, we create vibrant colors without resorting to artificial additives. Our laboratory is a haven of sterility and hygiene, ensuring the pristine quality of each creation. Rest easy knowing our products are cruelty-free, meticulously tested on people with a keen focus on long-term results. Experience the essence of true beauty with Luxbel – where nature, science, and elegance converge.