Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift

The wedding souvenir project was a delightful fusion of creativity and personalization, tailored to celebrate the union of two cultures. Drawing inspiration from the bride's favorite scent of lemongrass and incorporating a blend of Lebanese and Jordanian fragrances to honor the couple's nationalities, we crafted a truly unique and memorable gift.


In collaboration with our talented artists, we adorned coconut-based soaps with whimsical caricatures of the bride and groom, each depicted in vibrant colors chosen by the couple. This playful touch added a sense of joy and humor to the souvenirs, ensuring that they would be cherished by guests as keepsakes of the special day.


The result was a collection of wedding souvenirs that not only delighted the senses with their refreshing fragrances but also captured the essence of the couple's love and cultural heritage. This project exemplified our commitment to creating personalized and meaningful experiences, leaving a lasting impression on all who shared in the celebration.